Jeff and Joel 2011: The BBQ Road Trip

Day 6: July 14, 2011

Destination: Memphis, TN
End of day Odometer Reading: 216,358km
We had originally planned on heading back to Oklahoma Joe’s for a BBQ order to go to take along with us on the trip to Memphis; however we didn’t want to wait for them to open at 11:00, so we headed out around 9:30 from the truck stop. We filled up with gas and checked some directions and headed out.
Despite the main purpose for the trip being the mass consumption of BBQ, we do have a few other restaurants on our list. Of the others, two of them are Hardee’s/Carls Jr. and Sonic. Since we didn’t stop at Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch to go, we figured we stop in at a Hardee’s on the way to Memphis; after missing our exit for Hardee’s we kept going and saw a Sonic, so we stopped in there. Got a spicy BBQ burger and onion rings with a couple Dr Peppers to drink.  The burger didn’t knock our socks off, Carls Jr. is definitely a superior burger, but the onion rings were very good. While there we also noticed that they have various ice cream drinks, such as the slush and ice cream drink, available with orange flavour. We were too full to get it then, but I plan on stopping in at another Sonic at some point to get, what I think will basically be, an orange Creamsicle Slurpee. Delicious? I think it will be!

We had decided when we got into Memphis; we would have supper at Tom’s BBQ before heading to another Flying J’s truck stop to spend the night. This would eventually lead to failure, as Tom’s BBQ closes for the day at 6:00pm, however one of the employees there was standing outside and we asked him where he would suggest we go instead. He mentioned Corky’s BBQ which was (relatively) close by, it was not on our list, but we had to check it out since it was recommended to us by another BBQ place on our list.
Heading over to Corky’s, it was clear it was probably a pretty good place, as there was a decently long wait and a lot of accolades hung all over the walls. We both ordered the dry ribs, though Joel ordered it with the brisket and Jeff ordered it with the chicken, figured had to try the chicken at some point, had to see if it was that much better (if at all) than the chicken we’re used to in Canada. The ribs did not disappoint; dry and yet somehow very, very juicy and delicious. We both wish we had tried them wet as well, they were cooked very well! The brisket and chicken on the other hand wasn’t quite as great, Oklahoma Joe’s brisket was far better and the chicken was poor, there is a lot better chicken around Calgary than what they served up. As for the sides, Jack Stack’s coleslaw and baked beans have yet to be beaten, but Corky’s selection was decent. The corn was (again) overcooked, something that seems all too common down here, though it at least tasted better than what Smokehouse had to offer.

After leaving Corky’s, we headed over to the local truck stop, where Joel found a very nice “Junior Mints” t-shirt on their novelty shirt rack. He now has 2 clean shirts available to be worn, since buying another at Oklahoma Joe’s last night. Also we saw a van parked outside with an almost identical roof carrier mounted on it. Both of us giddy with delight, we didn’t hesitate to snap a picture of it.
The goal for Day 7: Stick around Memphis for some more BBQ. We will stop by the local visitors centre to see if there is anything to do around town. Going to Tom’s BBQ for lunch and stop back at Corky’s to see if we can find Joel’s hat, which he left on his chair when we left.

3 thoughts on “Day 6: July 14, 2011

  1. All that food in the pictures is making me hungry :). It sure looks good. Good to see that the car is running well.

  2. Yeah the car is holding up relatively well, it makes some funny sounds and does old car things, but it should get us home. As for weighing, neither of us weighed ourselves before, and I don't think we plan on weighing ourselves afterward either. Just do some hard bike riding when we get back, should take care of it.

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