Jeff and Joel 2011: The BBQ Road Trip

Day 13: July 21, 2011

Destination: Ash Fork, AZ
End of day Odometer Reading: 220,482km
On our way to the Grand Canyon from Springerville we stopped at a gas station to fill up, once there we noticed they had a decent looking restaurant called Kafe 66. We stopped in for some lunch as we had wanted to try some Mexican food while we were down here. Both of us got the beef enchiladas with Spanish rice and refried beans. It looks like one big mess, but it was quite delicious.

After that we headed towards the south rim of the Grand Canyon, it’s true what they say, it’s pretty grand. We stopped at a couple of the lookout points and viewed the canyoniness of it all. It was definitely a canyon, no denying that. We also drank some Dr Pepper while we were at the canyon. It was as delicious as it always is. I put together a sort of panoramic-view of the Grand Canyon using Microsoft Paint in a moving car. It looks *okay*.

After seeing the canyon, we headed to Williams, AZ which is back on the interstate. After sitting at McDonald’s for a while we found a local restaurant that we wanted to try and headed over there for supper. It was called the Pine Country Restaurant. It came highly recommended by 20 people on Google! Joel had the country-fried steak and a slice of raspberry cream-cheese pie, Jeff had a rotisserie half-chicken and a slice of apple pie. It was a very well-run establishment and the food was very tasty. It was an excellent meal. Also noteworthy is that they had French salad dressing; we both ordered it.

Not really seeing anywhere good to stay for the night in Williams, we headed on down the interstate to the next town, Ash Fork. It didn’t look all that great either, but there was a Chevron right at the end of the main road that had a great secluded area for us to park. It ended up working out very well. Along the way we stopped at sunset to get a photo of the Spruce Moose in dusk.

The goal for Day 14: Going to drive along Route 66 until we turn off towards Boulder City and Hoover Dam on the way to Las Vegas to stay at Mandalay Bay. We are likely going to eat lunch at In-n-Out Burger in Las Vegas, NV. Supper will of course have to be a buffet. The buffet at Mandalay Bay is quite good, so we’ll probably check it out. Also on the list is the roller coaster at New York New York and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. We hope to check out Fremont Street in the evening as well.

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