Jeff and Joel 2011: The BBQ Road Trip

Day 1: July 9, 2011

End Destination: Somewhere between Butte, MT and Bozeman, MT
End of day Odometer Reading: 212,772km
Left Calgary after work, started heading south towards the Coutts border crossing into Montana. We stopped at a McDonald’s in Lethbridge for a bite to eat. Joel decided to try the McGangBang Deluxe, which is of course a McChicken sandwich between the two patties of a Double Quarter Poulder with Cheese. We realized later that it would have been best to photograph the first meal that we ate while on the road, but alas it was too late, perhaps another one will need to be purchased.
While driving through Lethbridge, there was a large quantity of very nice and/or old cars driving around, and a peculiar amount of people sitting on the sides of the roads. Didn’t seem too organized or anything, but do people just sit on the road on Saturdays waiting for nice cars to drive by, or was this a one-time event? Perhaps someone from Lethbridge can shine some light on that. Quite peculiar.
Continuing on to our destination of wherever we stopped driving when it was too late to go on, we entered the USA. It turns out this Tercel is a slow piece of junk (who knew?), so it was a struggle to maintain speed going up the slight hills we were encountering. That is to say we lost a lot of speed, and it had a toll on our fuel mileage. Expected tank distances of 650-700km were not met. After 510km the fuel light was on, with full brightness we trekked onwards to make it to a gas station in Great Falls before dying at the side of the road. After filling up we continued on towards Butte.
After finally pulling off at a rest stop on the side of the road at 2:00am we folded the rear seats down and put the cooler in the front seat. It’s relatively comfortable back there, though a tad bit short. Slept well though, so not a bad day’s travel. The goal for Day 2: Denver, CO.
Stay Classy, USA!

3 thoughts on “Day 1: July 9, 2011

  1. I read on the web that there are restaurants around Dublin which have it on tap.

    I am living vicariously through this trip so keep the awesome updates flowing. You should add what music was listened to during the day. I can imagine you guys listening to CCR while driving across Kansas in jammies pounding on the Spruce Moose Lebowski style.

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