Jeff and John 2018: What is This? A Car for Ants?

Day 8: May 1, 2018

Destination: El Paso, TX

End of Day Odometer: 176,462 km

Progress Map:

When I posted my thoughts on The Texas Treasure, Whataburger, a couple of days ago, I expected some backlash from people I know in Texas. Expected backlash received. I’m not typically a person who gives up on something after the first try, and so for lunch today we stopped in at another Whataburger location and ordered the exact same thing as last time. To both our surprise, we actually did find the burgers today to be of higher quality than last time. One thing that can definitively be said for Whataburger is that they are way less greasy than other burgers. The ingredients are fresh and the flavour was good. I would go back for sure. That said, even after the improved experience, my vote still goes to In-n-Out. I mean it would maybe depend on the day, but if I’m eating a big ‘ole burger, grease me up woman!

Today was a long day of driving and so we hit the interstate with Marty Robbins’ Gunfighters Ballads and Trail Songs blaring on the stereo. It was of great importance that we knew what happened after he fell in love with that Mexican girl. Not only that, but at one point I paused the music and told John to look up Rosa’s Cantina. It turns out it’s a real place, and it may not be around for too much longer. We’ve decided we’re going to have to check it out.

The one thing that has been bothering me the entire time I’ve been in Texas is the distinct lack of glass-bottle, Made with Sugar, Dr Pepper. When I was here in 2011 I had the joy of stopping in Dublin at the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company, taking a tour and having the best float at their soda bar that I’ve ever had. Two misfortunes occurred since then: one, they lost a lawsuit with Dr Pepper corporate and no longer bottle the stuff; two, they weren’t open when I was coming through. So, I was hoping to take solace at least with some bottles from the other bottling plant that still sweetens their Dr Pepper with real sugar in Waco, TX, but they were nowhere to be found! It was the Sarsaparilla situation of 2013 all over! That was until we stopped in at a super sketchy (but not-quite Buc-ee’s huge) gas station along the I-10 in the middle of nowhere (the safest part of nowhere) and found a single bottle in their fridge! It was everything I hoped it could be.

The hotel I booked for us ended up actually being in New Mexico, completely unexpectedly, but perfectly. Because after driving alongside the Mexican border for a while, we rode just as fast as we could from the West Texas town of El Paso, out to the badlands of New Mexico. In fact we drove right past Rosa’s Cantina along the way.

Tomorrow, we’ll still be here in El Paso. Since we’re basically in Mexico, we are planning on exclusively eating Mexican food. I have tasked John with finding us some restaurants. We’ll see how he does.

Day 9 Destination: El Paso, TX

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