Jeff and John 2018: What is This? A Car for Ants?

Day 14: May 7, 2018

Destination: Calgary, AB

End of Day Odometer: 180,194 km

Today’s bonus travels are brought to you by the letters ‘R,’ ‘S’ and from contributions from readers like you! Despite the extra cost and inconvenience of stopping in Cranbrook last night, I can’t really complain about a bonus travel day. First we needed to be sure to fuel up for the day, ourselves that is, we made sure to fill the Yaris’ tank with cheap American travel-gas before leaving the country. Missing our Yankee friends, we made sure that today’s meal of choice was once again at the brother McDonald’s. John had some Hotcakes and an Egg McMuffin (with significantly less condiments – and the butter was suspiciously absent a pair of golden arches on top, very upsetting). I went with a blurrier option, a Sausage Egg McMuffin meal with an authentic breakfast burrito in honour of missed Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

The rest of the trip seemed relatively uneventful, until we reached Calgary and realized many of our glass-bottled soda buddies in the trunk got a little too frisky and blew their tops. Thankfully John had bought many extra Pepsi Throwback’s, but I had gone a bit more conservative and lost my Grape Fantas and a California Raspberry Coca-Cola. After hosing off the more sensible bottles, I loaded up my loot. The trip was over, but thankfully this blog exists. I’ll be back, Gulf Coast; next time I’m approaching from Florida though. I’m not saying Texas doesn’t have amazing beaches, I just didn’t see them.

What’s next for the Yaris? It’s a bit too good to only have 108 hp.

Until next time, America.

Total Distance Driven: 9,378 km

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