Jeff and John 2018: What is This? A Car for Ants?

Day 11: May 4, 2018

Destination: Twin Falls, ID

End of Day Odometer: 178,349 km

Progress Map:

As we approach 8,000 km traveled, the Yaris is going to need an oil change and a couple of other maintenance items. I gave Western Slope Toyota a call first thing to see if we would be able to squeeze in for an oil change and was told I’d need to speak with a service advisor. After waiting on hold for a few minutes (twice, after getting disconnected once), I left a message and was not called back. I’m not positive, but I suspect that may not be the way to make money as a service centre. Still, things weren’t dire, and unlike Lexus dealerships in Wyoming, there are other Toyota dealerships. An appointment in Boise, ID for tomorrow was easy to arrange.

We emerged from the dank hole that was room 104 at the Ouray Chalet Inn to a bright and sunny day. The sunlight washed off any distaste that had developed for Ouray last night and we hit the road towards Salt Lake City, UT.

Having missed out severely on Mexican food in El Paso, and not having been in many places where Diners, Drive-ins and Dives has visited, I was excited to find a Mexican Taqueria in Salt Lake City that had been featured on the show a number of years ago. Lone Star Taqueria has huge flavour in a small location. The parking lot was packed and we were forced across the street to the Walgreen’s. Looking to cash in on this exciting taco action action action, we may have gotten a little carried away on our order. Starting with some chips with guacamole and the absolute best bean dip I’ve ever had, we patiently waited for our order. This bean dip was on another level, serious dynamite. I had no idea bean dip could taste this good. Bananas.

I ordered a barbacoa burrito and a fish taco while John ordered six tacos: two carnitas, two asada and two fish. It was too much. I was impressed by the size of the burrito, absolute unit. The tacos were above average size and even then, were jam-packed with meat. While our stomachs cried out in agony, our mouths rejoiced with delight. Will be looking into stomach enlargement surgery before returning. It doesn’t necessarily make up for only eating one Mexican meal in El Paso, but it was the next best thing.

Tomorrow we will get the oil changed in Boise, ID before heading up to Spokane, WA to loot Americaland for all its sweet treats before we head home.

Day 12 Destination: Spokane, WA

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