Jeff and John 2018: What is This? A Car for Ants?

Day 6: April 29, 2018

Destination: Corpus Christi, TX

End of Day Odometer: 175,262 km

Progress Map:

Over the years I have discussed with and talked about various burgers, and inevitably anyone from Texas always likes to tell me how much better Whataburger is compared to In-n-Out Burger. Whataburger is a source of pride for many from this part of the country. So, to settle the battle in my mind, today John and I had both for lunch. First we stopped in at In-n-Out, ordered some simple burgers and fries before heading over to Whataburger and placing an order for an equal grease stack.

Now I’m not saying that Whataburger was bad, because it wasn’t. The ingredients were fresh and it was well put together, I would definitely go back, but in this humble non-Texan’s mind, In-n-Out was quite a bit better. In-n-Out just has something special that Whataburger doesn’t have. Worth noting is that I don’t consider either to be the best burger I have eaten at a restaurant, that prize goes to Holy Chuck in Toronto, ON. They’ve taken the burger to another level.

After lunch, we started making our way down the Texas BBQ Belt on our way to the beaches in Corpus Christi, it was mostly uneventful, save for a few proper Texas vehicles such as this one particular RAM pickup that had a good Texas stance to it.

Before we stopped for more barbeque, I made sure John got to experience one of the true Texas experiences: Buc-ee’s. Never has “everything is bigger in Texas” been more true than when you stop in at a Buc-ee’s. It’s like a gas station on Wal-Mart-sized steroids. A total of 56 gas pumps adorned the west side of the building and inside you will find most everything that your heart desires (unless that’s a glass bottle of Dr Pepper made with real sugar… that has so far eluded me). We picked up a few snacks and a couple of $0.79 44-oz. cups filled with the World’s Creamiest Root Beer and made our way down towards Black’s BBQ in Lockhart, TX.

While we were still more or less full from our earlier burger extravaganza, we picked up a few ribs and a small amount of brisket. Their brisket is one of the best I’ve had and likely has the smokiest flavour of my favourites (which include LC’s and Joe’s KC in Kansas City). The ribs were also quite good, though I would say I prefer them to be a bit more tender.

Unfortunately, City Market in Luling, TX is closed on Sundays and we weren’t able to stop in, though by that point our interest in their food was in direct opposition to our stomach’s interest in any food whatsoever. So we drove on, making it to Corpus Christi, TX later than planned but it seems like a pretty interesting place, and the home of some of the best beaches in Texas. Looking forward to checking them out tomorrow.

Day 7 Destination: Corpus Christi, TX

2 thoughts on “Day 6: April 29, 2018

  1. Oh golly. It’s been a long time since I have been able to live vicariously through your road trip blogs. I only wish that I had found this sooner. I would have recommended a slide down the big slide at Focus on Family in Colorado Springs; a drive up the Capulin volcano in New Mexico, and a visit to Dude Perfect HQ in Texas. Which way are you coming home?

    1. If only I had known! I am already past being able to go to anything in Colorado Springs or Texas (unless it’s near El Paso!). I will be coming up through New Mexico through west Colorado and then over to Idaho and back through the Spokane area. Any ideas appreciated, though the drive home has less time for fun and more driving each day. :\

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