Jeff and John 2018: What is This? A Car for Ants?

Day 5: April 28, 2018

Destination: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

End of Day Odometer: 174,563 km

Progress Map:

It was unfortunate we weren’t able to get into Amarillo earlier last night, but it just wasn’t possible to do Pikes Peak and make it here before Tyler’s BBQ closed (or, more likely, ran out of meat). Today wasn’t going to be a huge day of driving, and so we patiently waited until Tyler’s opened their doors before heading over for lunch. Over the course of several road trips through the US, including one almost completely dedicated to eating southern barbeque, two restaurants have risen to the top: Joe’s KC (formerly Oklahoma Joe’s) in Kansas City and Tyler’s BBQ in Amarillo, TX. There was already a line backed up to the door when we arrived and we mentally prepared ourselves for what was about to happen. Knowing that this would be the best barbeque on the entire trip, we loaded up. We each ordered a full rack of ribs and decided to split a brisket sandwich (when in Texas, always try the brisket), along with a pint of beans and a pint of slaw to split.

The ribs brought back all of the memories of what proper ribs should taste like and flushed out the mental compromises I’d made to accept what is offered for sale in Canada. I remembered how good ribs can taste and I would like to update the review of what I previously ate in Jackson, WY to merely acceptable. I mean sure, they were likely some of the best ribs I had eaten north of Kansas City, but they were still quite the drop off in quality compared to what you can get down here. To show our support, we had to grab a couple souvenirs and the Yaris is now proudly adorned with a “Support Texas BBQ” sticker.

Before leaving, we made sure to grab an extra full rack of ribs for the road. We’re not going to let them slip away that easily. The sweet, sweet smell of barbequed ribs kept us company as we made our way across Texas to one heck of a deal at the proper Westin Hotel at the DFW Airport. Looking to rest from the day’s meats, we enjoyed the quality. Room service brought us a couple of very overpriced bottles of Blue Moon. Tomorrow we head down through the Texas BBQ Belt on our way to the palm trees in Corpus Christi, because if there’s one thing we could use it’s more meat, though we’re not entirely sure when we will actually eat the ribs we took with us; I’m sure we’ll find the time!

Day 6 Destination: Corpus Christi, TX

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