Jeff and John 2018: What is This? A Car for Ants?

Day 3: April 26, 2018

Destination: Fort Collins, CO

End of Day Odometer: 172,977 km

Progress Map:

Eager to hit the road, we left Jackson early and skipped breakfast. I knew we were taking a bit of a gamble as there was not going to be much along the way for us to eat for a while, but the ribs last night had really filled me up and I wasn’t keen to keep piling it in. This proved detrimental as we passed town after town with no places to eat until we finally relented and stopped at a McDonald’s for a late lunch. As we had just declared no more McDonald’s yesterday, I ordered some sort of new fangled chicken sandwich that was one of the least McDonald’s types of things on the menu. Dave got a classic Big Mac; when in Rome, apparently.

Speaking of Italy, Dave had been going on about getting me to try an affogato (ice cream drowned with espresso) using ingredients available at McDonald’s. Now, I’m not a coffee drinker, and I only tried his, but I must say, it was surprisingly good. I might even try one myself at some point, it’s almost like an iced cappuccino in a way, but not quite as sweet. Still has a bit too much coffee flavour for me I suspect.

You would get two different answers about today’s drive if you asked Dave or myself. While I can appreciate the fact that Dave thinks that eastern Wyoming shouldn’t exist and may even share those sentiments for small sections of the drive, the earlier mountain pass and some of the varying landscape did captivate my attention from time to time. It’s certainly no Saskatchewan or North Dakota, that’s for sure. In fact, there was even more snow in the pass today than we saw yesterday.

While along the way, we came across my city, Jeffrey City. The name is a bit of a lie, okay a lot bit of a lie. It’s not a city, it’s barely a town, more of a ghost town I suppose. I suspect it was named after a different, lesser, Jeffrey. Either that or I’m not quite the man I thought I was.

Upon reaching our intended destination of Rawlins, WY, Dave vetoed the place, and we kept on driving, ultimately driving on to Fort Collins, CO. I must say, once you cross that border into Colorado there is a stark difference in landscape. Things get much more interesting very quickly. Looking for comfort, we checked in to a Comfort Inn and assessed the culinary situation we found ourselves in. Being our last night together before Dave flies back home tomorrow, we searched for a restaurant that had cloth napkins that wouldn’t necessarily break the bank (or our stomachs). We walked around downtown for a while and eventually settled on a place called Austin’s American Grill. I had the bison meatloaf and Dave had the salmon. The meatloaf was surprisingly moist and the spicy ketchup sauce on top really tied it all together. Possibly the best meal of the trip so far, though the ribs last night may just squeeze out the win. That is until tomorrow when we attempt to make it to Tyler’s BBQ in Amarillo, TX before they run out of meat.

While searching for restaurants I also stumbled upon a candy store that has, by far, the largest selection of novelty sodas I’ve ever seen. There were shelving units around the store that had various candies and so on like any other candy store, but below every one of them was a base that held all sorts of soda pop (I’ll include both words so as not to offend anyone). A true American delight!

I am picking up John and dropping off Dave at the Denver Airport tomorrow and we’re going to try to boogie down to Pike’s Peak before the gates close at 3:00 pm. The real driving adventure starts there.

Day 4 Destination: Amarillo, TX with a quick stop at Pike’s Peak, CO

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